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AmTek staff have designed, manufactured, and supported hundreds of industrial microwave systems over the past couple of decades. Our team brings experience in developing microwave equipment for the food industry for cooking and tempering a wide variety of products.

The AmTek team has over 75 years of combined industrial microwave experience in manufacturing, engineering design, and service tech support. Our team has designed, manufactured, installed and supported over 220 complete 915/896 MHz microwave processing systems worldwide, as well as over 450 high-powered microwave transmitters designed, manufactured, installed and supported worldwide.

Staff Accomplishments and Background

AmTek staff has designed and manufactured 2.45 GHz batch ovens for the textile and health care industries and developed and manufactured direct gas-fired impingement modules as part of a combination microwave / impingement cooking systems.

The staff at AmTek has vast experience in the development of Allen Bradley PLC-operated microwave processing systems, development of high powered microwave circulators to support this equipment, designing of small tempering systems to support the cruise ship industry and development of product sensing systems to automate the cooking process.

AmTek also has experience with the incorporation of CO2 fire suppression systems for microwave cooking equipment. Our staff experience also includes UL listed panel shop certification and CE Certification of microwave systems designed and installed in the UK and mainland Europe.